Brazilian conquers the world with modern Choro

By Produção

Danilo Brito, 29, Brazilian mandolinist is revered in the world



by Miguel Arcanjo Prado


The musician, born in the city of São Paulo, is proof that choro is not object in a museum, to be stored in a historical drawer. 

In his fifth album, that has his name, the mandolinist that achieved success still in his infancy – he plays since he was 3 – bets in his own compositions, that make Brazilian  instrumental music dialogue with the contemporary aspects of music. 

As, unfortunately, foreigners tend to value more our culture than we do, the album Danilo Brito premiere was in the US. 

There the musician is known among admirers of  genres close to jazz. 

Devoted, Danilo did a conceptual, sophisticated and concise album – it is 30 minutes in nine tracks – bringing to choro the sound of 21st century, making it talk to rhythms as maxixe, waltz and afoxé. In his hands, the musical syncretism becomes real. 

His expertise in mandolin is such that our self-taught musician was defined by the great US mandolinist David Grisman as "a phenomenon of the mandolin'.